Prophetic Words over Florida

We are compiling significant  words prophesied over Florida so that we as the Ekklesia can continue to pray into these words.  This will be a growing list as we gather them from around the state and beyond.  If you have or know of an audio, video, or printed version of a prophetic word, please contact us here.

  • Chuck Pierce - 10.18.2018

    Word over Florida - Watch the full message here.

    The printed version can be accessed here.

  • Jane Hamon - 03.02.2018 - 03.03.2018

    Prophetic word over Apostle Ken and Florida -  Watch the full message here.

    Printed Version Here.

  • Cindy Jacobs - 10.02.2016

    Word over FL and this region - The printed version can be accessed here.

  • 50 state tour - 2014

    From the Prayer Tour in Florida with Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, and Chuck Pierce - information here.

Praying the Promises

As we gather these prophetic words that have been declared over the state of Florida and our nation, let us be faithful to pray and declare them again and again, until we see the manifestation of what God wants to do with these.  Please feel free to print out these words, and to share them with your prayer network. Also, please help us by sharing this newly established database page with other prayer warriors and ministries across our state and region of the nation.